Sensor strips

GC 335 * Sensor strip with high safety standard for protecting automatic swing and revolving doors

GC 335 Sensor strip Sensor strip used for the protection of automatic swing doors in accordance with DIN 18650 under normal floor situations
  • Sensor strip with high safety standard to protect main and secondary closing edges
  • Detection area secures leaf widths of up to max. 1400 mm
  • Inclination angle and scanning range can be adjusted mechanically
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Application Areas

  • Protection of automatic swing and revolving doors
  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Doors along escape and rescue routes
  • Normal flooring

Technical data

GC 335
Dimensions 42 x 37 mm
Technology Active infrared beams
Operating current 60 mA
IP rating IP52
Cable connection type Plug-in screw terminal
Connector cable length 1000 mm
Installation height (min.) 1500 mm
Installation height (max.) 2500 mm
Reaction time < 70 ms
Service temperature -10 - 50 °C
Humidity < 90% relative, non-condensing
Standard conformity DIN 18650, EN 16005

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