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At GEZE, our goal is your long-term satisfaction, and we want our products to meet your needs in a reliable and trouble-free way. That’s why our emphasis is on comprehensive advice and services so highly – throughout the entire project cycle. You’ll find a list of many of our services below.

Service & original parts

Solution-oriented service - fast, competent, and customised

With our customised services, we support you in networking, managing, and maintaining your systems. We advise you whether you’re modifying or modernising, and help you purchase your spare parts.

Service contracts

GEZE on the spot!

GEZE offers customised service contracts for your systems: from regular maintenance to quick troubleshooting in an emergency. Find out about our services here!

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Stock Management

Your doors at our service

Regular servicing of automatic systems and having them maintained by qualified technicians is very important. The long-term safety of people and the systems themselves must be ensured by constant monitoring and maintenance.

GEZE’s most important goal is to keep customers satisfied by providing a reliable, competent and highly efficient customer service.

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More expertise with GEZE training sessions

Always up-to-date with GEZE!

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Our training centre offers a comprehensive qualification programme for GEZE products. Our training and seminars programme enables you to obtain certificates of competence for commissioning GEZE products, and complete seminars on standards and directives. Stay up to date! In addition to our product training sessions, which are primarily designed to appeal to installation companies, we also offer separate events for architects and planners. Participants learn about topics such as door automation, door technology and safety technology, and together develop solutions for complex door standards.

We would be happy to prepare a customised training programme for you.

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Tools & aids

Tools and aids for planning and installing GEZE products

In addition to personal advice, we can support you with a variety of apps and tools, which you can use in your everyday work to plan, install, and maintain building management systems: for example in configuring the Powerturn, calculating the system design of windows, or planning and configuring a variety of doors. Our GEZE YouTube channel also provides lots of helpful videos on installing GEZE products.

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Information on our company, products, and services

You will find extensive materials in our download area. Further product information is available from the GEZE customer portal. If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us personally.

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How can we help you?

Do you have questions or suggestions? There are lots of ways to contact us.


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