Light curtains

GC 339+ * Safety sensor for automatic sliding, revolving, and curved sliding doors, as well as for windows

GC 339/GC 339+ AIR curtain Active infrared detector with self-monitoring function for protecting and activating automatic doors
  • Reliable detection up to an installation height of 3500 mm
  • Ten adjustable light curtain configurations without additional light prisms
  • Convenient commissioning via matrix display
  • Auxiliary LEDs aid in optimal positioning of the interior light curtain in front of the door leaves during commissioning
  • Avoidance of hazards at pinching and shearing edges on automated windows
  • All settings can be changed via remote control
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This active infrared detector secures the hazardous area of sliding doors in accordance with EN 16005 / DIN 18650 and on revolving doors in accordance with EN 16005. A selection of ten active infrared detector settings allows for precise protection of various door situations. The optimised housing prevents undesirable insects from getting inside. In addition, the active infrared windows can be cleaned or replaced as needed after they are removed.

Application Areas

  • Protection of automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic sliding doors without protective leaves to protect the secondary closing edge
  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Protection of the main and secondary closing edges on automated windows

Technical data

GC 339+
Dimensions 209 x 58 x 47 mm
Technology Active infrared beams
Number of active infrared detectors 2
Operating voltage 12-24 V DC/AC
Operating current 125 mA
Output Potential-free relay contact
IP rating IP54
Cable connection type System plug-type connector
Connector cable length 2600 mm
Adjustability with push of button, with remote control
Installation height (min.) 2000 mm
Installation height (max.) 3500 mm
Service temperature -25 - 55 °C
Humidity 0-95 % relative, non-condensing
Standard conformity EN 16005, DIN 18650


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