GEZE Cockpit

TZ 320 Door control unit for universally applicable control and protection of networked emergency exits

TZ 320 / TZ 321 SN, AP
  • Flat impact cover enables fast and safe activation of the illuminated emergency push button in panic situations
  • Coloured connectors facilitate electrical connection
  • 3 freely configurable inputs and 2 freely configurable outputs offer numerous possibilities for additional components
  • Number of inputs and outputs can be expanded using the IO 420 interface module or the KL 220 clamping box
  • Illuminated emergency exit sign improves visibility
  • Integrated power supply offers additional flexibility
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  • Integrated key switch enables authorised passing through the emergency exit
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Application Areas

  • EltVTR-compliant protection of an emergency exit against unauthorised access
  • Single and double leaf doors
  • Connectivity via bus enables e.g. interlocking door system control, forwarding of alarms, connection to building management system
  • Can be combined with motor locks and swing door drives
  • Realisation of a bidirectional emergency exit
  • Surface mounting allows subsequent installation on the door with little effort
  • Flush-mounted installation ensures seamless integration into the building


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