Case studies

Glass aesthetics: GEZE all-glass doors in the Leonardo Glass Cube

Integrated all-glass systems (IGG) are some of the most innovative solutions on the glass market. One impressive example of innovative glass aesthetics is the Leonardo Glass Cube in Bad Driburg; GEZE has fitted integrated all-glass systems here, with the GEZE TS 550 IS floor spring.

Integrated all-glass system in the Leonardo Glass Cube

The Leonardo Glass Cube, the conference and events building of the designer glass product provider Leonardo, opened in 2007. The GEZE integrated all-glass system added freedom to the design of the imposing glass façade, whose visual aesthetic was previously impacted by sliding fitting systems and profiles.

Seamless glass façades – with all-glass doors by GEZE

Double leaf all-glass door in the Leonardo Glass Cube, interior view. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

Transparent glass façade with no visible technology elements: All-glass door with GEZE TS 5000 door closer.

All-glass doors by GEZE integrate the profile and sliding fitting system invisibly between the flush-mounted glass panes to create a consistent surface – with no visible or bulky parts on the glass surface. The high-quality surface offers completely transparent and visual lightness. The entire window ‘intelligence’ is situated between the panes: Thanks to a discreetly printed glass edge inside the pane, the technology behind it is practically invisible. This helps create a stylistically consistent façade design, no matter whether modular glass sliding walls, manual, or automatic sliding and swing doors made of glass or glazed single or double-action doors are used.

Custom glass doors with the GEZE integrated all-glass system

The flexible all-glass system can be used in all-glass façades in the interior or outside area, and in fixed and flexible partitioning wall systems, as a way to divide waiting areas in airports, or as partitions in conference and event buildings, shopping centres, banks, counter areas, or modern office wings. The design options are almost limitless. At the same time, GEZE all-glass doors fulfil a wide variety of requirements in terms of design and functionality:

  • Individual glass design requirements can be realised by using special types of glass, e.g. with screen print patterns.
  • Specific needs such as increased thermal insulation, sound insulation or safety demands can be met with GEZE IGG.
  • Reliable functionality: The IGG solutions retain all the benefits of the reliable GEZE sliding fitting systems without limitation – including numerous possible individual settings.

Like the existing GEZE sliding fitting systems, the integrated all-glass system from GEZE is also characterised by low maintenance costs and high levels of convenience.

All-glass doors with maximum aesthetics

Double leaf all-glass door in the Leonardo Glass Cube, exterior view. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

Seamless door profile with high functionality: The integrated all-glass system by GEZE.

In the Leonardo Glass Cube, the minimalist all-glass doors serve to emphasis the combination of soft, fluid structures and a clear, straight-lined shell. Our integrated all-glass systems thus support the glass brand’s aspiration to become a lifestyle company.

GEZE products in the Leonardo Glass Cube, Bad Driburg

  • Integrated all-glass systems (IGG)
  • GEZE TS 550 IS floor spring
  • GEZE TS 5000 door closer