Case studies

Building safety with high design expectations: GEZE in Leonberg Town Hall

Between the old town and the 'new city centre' of Leonberg, the new Town Hall is now an urban figurehead for a lively town. GEZE supported building safety and accessibility in the open, contemporary Town Hall with tailor-made fire protection doors and innovative door technology.

State-of-the-art door and window solutions for the Town Hall

The centrally situated Leonberg Town Hall is now a spacious new building with three open sides and 9,900 m² of usable space for citizens and the 200-plus employees of the city administration.

Situated in the middle of a green, park-like area, the building complex embodies lively traditions and a high quality of life. The contemporary Town Hall, puristically maintained in keeping with the plans from the architectural firm Schaller, combines accessibility, increased building security and a sustainable energy concept.

GEZE supported the project from the planning stages to completion and supplied state-of-the-art door and window technology which supports the inviting, transparent atmosphere of the Town Hall.

GEZE implements the concept of 'accessibility'

The atrium, with a large glass roof, creates the centre point of the six-floor building complex. The ground floor is home to the central foyer, divisible council chamber, parliamentary party rooms, a cafeteria, and the entrance to the gallery-style upper floors housing the council offices and contact points for the citizens.

GEZE developed a comprehensive concept for the accessible use of the Leonberg Town Hall, giving the architects from Schaller and the general construction company Wolff & Müller an important basis for planning. This involved taking economic considerations into account, and also of course linking accessibility to the fire protection and emergency exit protection requirements.

Powerturn side-hung leaf drives: functional creative freedom

GEZE swing door systems combine fire safety and accessibility in the entrance area. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

Swing doors in entrance area of Leonberg Town Hall. © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

Automatic swing door systems with innovative GEZE Powerturn drives are used throughout the entire building - even in the two double-leaf swing doors in the vestibule of the main entrance.

The powerful door drive moves the heavy active leaf precisely, ensuring accessible entry to the foyer and reception. Their unique Smart swing function allows anyone to open them manually with ease. When completely opened, the swing doors also act as emergency exits, and as an opening for an air supply in the event of a fire.

Accessibility with stringent building safety requirements

Glass swing door to the council chamber. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

Accessible façade entry as fire containment door © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

A vestibule near the cafeteria acts a second façade entrance. The outer double-leaf vestibule door was equipped with a Powerturn side-hung leaf drive in the IS/TS variant, which automatically opens the active leaf.

The passive leaf is kept closed with a TS 5000 door closer. The inner single-leaf vestibule door is designed as a fire protection door, and equipped with a Powerturn F/R drive with integrated smoke switch. The 'slim' integrated solution is perfectly suited for restricted spaces. From the outside, accessible entry to the vestibule is provided by a radar movement detector. Outside regular opening hours, the door is opened automatically via the programme switch at the reception desk.

The third façade entrance can be found in the large divisible council chamber on the ground floor. The two double-leaf fire section and emergency exit doors with Powerturn F/R-IS/TS side-hung leaf drives combine safety, accessible convenience and contemporary door aesthetics. The active leaf for each door has been automated. The integrated closing sequence control closes the fire protection doors in the right order after each opening, securing the fire protection closer.

Opening, holding open and self-closing

The council chamber can be reached from the foyer via two double-leaf fire protection doors with Powerturn F/R-IS/TS side-hung leaf drives. They are controlled via an elbow switch and self-close in the event of a fire.

The third entrance to the council chamber is a compact double-leaf hold-open system with TS 5000 R-ISM door closers, which offer multifunctional convenience:

  • Long holding-open times when required
  • 'Free swing' function for opening with minimal effort
  • Comfort hold-open function locks the door leaf at the end of the free swing area
  • Self-closing in the event of fire

The same door solutions were chosen as single-leaf swing doors to the parliamentary party rooms. In addition, two emergency exits equipped with TS 5000 door closers lead to the outside.

Intelligent smoke and heat extraction – with convenient ventilation

Networked building security: the GEZE RWA control centre. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

Networked building security: the GEZE RWA control centre

To guarantee the controlled extraction of smoke gas in the event of a fire, the windows below the ceiling of the council chamber were automated with synchronised Slimchain drives. The solar protection retracts immediately and the window drives open in the event of an alarm from the smoke detector or a manual signal.

All RWA components, and push buttons, smoke detectors and sensors, are networked via the MBZ 300 RWA bus centre. The flexibly configurable control unit monitors and co-ordinates the function of RWA system, and safeguards its power and emergency power supply. Thanks to the connection to the constructor's KNX building system, the RWA system also provides convenient daily ventilation, as well as building safety.

GEZE RWA drives: Fresh air – a secured emergency exit

The fanlights in the atrium, which are automated with Slimchain drives, also supply the internal kitchenettes on each storey and corridors with fresh air in normal circumstances. If a fire breaks out, the fanlights are closed immediately, so that smoke and heat do not enter the levels. At the same time, synchronised Powerchain chain drives open several large façade windows in the first floor to ensure that fresh air streams in from outside. The synchronised power packages enable maximum window opening in less than 60 seconds.

Accessibility plus fire safety with GEZE swing door systems

The main entrance to the cafeteria has been built as a fire protection door with Powerturn F/R drives and opening push buttons on both sides. The cafeteria can be reached from the back of the lift via a hold-open system with GEZE TS 5000 R door closers. Combined with another hold-open system as an entrance to the recessed passageway with snack and beverage vending machines directly in front of the cafeteria, the catering area provides an accessible in-house fire safety area.

Comfortable and safe access to the upper floors

The upper floors can be accessed from the lift through single-leaf swing doors equipped with GEZE Powerturn F/R drives. Opening push buttons on both sides of the doors enable easy access. Outside business hours, the landing doors open only via central authorisation after ringing a bell. The fire protection doors can be easily opened from the inside thanks to the smart swing function. Safe closing of the door is also guaranteed in all cases.

Single and double-leaf hold-open systems with TS 5000 R or R-ISM door closers can be found on the floors themselves, as fire section doors. The single-leaf fire protection doors in the emergency exit to the stairwell also open accessibly thanks to the multi-award-winning GEZE TS 5000 ECline door closer.

GEZE products in the new Leonberg Town Hall