GEZE receives the INDUSTRY AWARD 2018

For GEZE, sustainability begins in production - at all its sites worldwide. The use of cooling lubricants is completely eliminated in the manufacture of overhead door closers. GEZE automates manufacturing processes worldwide usung mum quantities of lubrication and has now been recognised for this.

Sustainable, efficient and economical

Marc Alber, GEZE Technology Director, and Jasmina Brenner, Production Planning Project Manager with the ‘Industry Prize 2018’ certificate. Photo: GEZE GmbH

Marc Alber, GEZE Technology Director, and Jasmina Brenner, Production Planning Project Manager with the ‘Industry Prize 2018’ certificate. © GEZE GmbH

Process automation with minimum quantities of lubrication means that no cooling lubricants are required. Only a very small amount of an air-oil mixture is required. This ensures sustainable, efficient and economic conditions at all GEZE production sites worldwide. The new technology and its associated process automation reduce the production area, the cycle times as well as the maintenance costs. There is no contamination as a result of fine particles from the cooling lubricants. This increases the service life of the tools, and there are no cooling lubricants to dispose of. This contributes to sustainability and protects the environment as well as reducingthe water and CO2 consumption associated with the new technology. Additional costs are also reduced: the purchase of coolants, the operation of separate treatment plants and the use of high-pressure pumps for tool cooling are all eliminated.

The benefits of in-house production for partners worldwide

"The constant ecological improvement of our products and manufacturing facilities, coupled with our responsible approach to natural resources, take the highest priority," says Marc Alber, GEZE’s technology manager. "our own production sites that will benefit from the positive aspects of the new process, so will our partner companies worldwide." The most important benefit for the processing industry: since the splinters produced during production are no longer contaminated by cooling lubricants, they can be directly incorporated into the production process.

New trends determine the Industry Award 2018

Within its motto of ‘Integrated Industry’, more than 1,000 companies entered the INDUSTRY PRIZE 2018 organised by Initiative Mittelstand and Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH. The whole industry sector is in transition due to the new trends of machine learning, robotics and Industry 4.0. All the submissions were evaluated by an independent panel of professors, scientists, industry sector experts and journalists. They looked in particular at progressiveness, as well as the ecological, social, economic and technological benefits of the industrial solution submitted.