A comfortable way to experience art: customised door technology in the Boijmans art warehouse

The Boijmans Van Beuningen museum has created a complex art storage facility in the Netherlands in Rotterdam. Reliable door technology from GEZE, specifically tailored to customer requirements, fulfils high energy efficiency and fire protection stipulations while managing flows of visitors.

Ease of access with a high standard of design: sliding door systems for the Boijmans Van Beuningen art warehouse

The Boijmans Van Beuningen art warehouse is an innovative building: a public art storage facility where important artworks are made accessible to the public, an enormous undertaking subject to the highest security precautions Here, visitors can view more than 150,000 artworks on 6 floors and in 5 different climactic zones. The art warehouse is sorted based on the artworks’ storage, humidity, and room temperature requirements – not based on art history periods, for instance. This means the Boijmans Van Beuningen art warehouse offers all new opportunities to rediscover artworks.

Guiding visitor flows and increasing security at the Boijmans Van Beuningen art warehouse

View of entryway doors at the Boijmans Van Beuningen art warehouse

Sliding doors can realise a diverse range of usage requirements. © Hystrix

In addition to the complex requirements for storing artworks, managing flows of visitors while ensuring their comfort and safety were significant challenges. Sliding doors ensure comfortable and secure access in the façade and inside the art warehouse. Because they function quietly and have a space-saving, understated design, automatic sliding door systems integrate optimally into the sophisticated architecture while granting barrier-free access, allowing all visitors to enjoy the artistic treasures.

Automatic sliding doors offer several advantages:

  • Automatic doors ensure good movement of visitors.
  • They also improve energy efficiency by keeping warm air inside or outside, depending on the climactic conditions/season.
  • Sliding doors improve building safety by allowing the doors to be opened in only one direction.
  • Automatic door systems can be connected to the fire protection concept and emergency exit protection.
View of an open sliding door to the rooftop patio

The Slimdrive SL sliding door system integrates cleanly into the mirrored surface of the exterior façade. © Hystrix

View of sliding doors to the staircase at the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum art warehouse

The Slimdrive SL was custom colour-matched to the interior design of the staircase. © Hystrix

Customised sliding door solutions for restaurants and rooftop gardens

There is a restaurant with a landscaped rooftop patio on the roof of the warehouse. The areas are open to the public each evening. Our Slimdrive SL-RC2/WK2 automatic linear sliding door systems impress in this application with their low height, clear design lines and excellent function, even with high foot traffic.

Increased security and visitor management in staircases

The challenge for the sliding door system used inside the building was to ensure the right flow of visitors. Our solution: the access to the staircase in the shop and the access to the upper floors are equipped with Slimdrive SL NT door systems. These are equipped with a sensor that has been set so that both sides can be used as exits from the stairwell. A sliding door provides access to the staircase from the shop, in order to properly manage the flow of visitors.

Advantages of the Slimdrive SL NT

  • Can be networked, and integrated into the building automation via open BACnet standard
  • Quiet-running, low-wear direct current drive with a height of only 7 cm
  • Automated error detection and logging
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs for different functions
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for emergency opening, for instance in the event of a power failure
  • Various mechanical and electrical locks are available
  • Self-cleaning roller carriage

Additional advantages of the Slimdrive SL-RC2/WK2

  • Certified burglar resistance according to resistance class RC2
  • The RC2 function is only enabled in night mode
  • Fitted with rod locking and reinforced profile components

Door solutions individually adapted to customer requirements

In addition to requirements for security and function, design aspects were also an important focus for the art warehouse project. The Slimdrive SL is the ideal choice in this respect as well: the super streamlined drive design perfectly integrates into the futuristic architecture of the warehouse. The drive units were colour matched to the customer’s individual needs both in the stairwell and on the rooftop patio: they are the same colour as surrounding components and now blend seamlessly into the design.