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Design highlight in Abu Dhabi: Accessibility for Ferrari World

With the opening of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi at the end of 2010, the UAE gained a hotspot for tourism and another extraordinary architectural highlight. GEZE has contributed to accessibility in the world's first Ferrari theme park by supplying automatic doors and state-of-the-art door drives.

Automatic door convenience in the world's biggest indoor theme park

The United Arab Emirates are known for their spectacular architecture - especially for the world's currently highest skyscraper, the 828 m high Burj Khalifa. At the end of 2010, the desert state gained another extraordinary building with Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The world's first Ferrari theme park is the highlight of the new development of the 2,500 hectare Yas Island, and the world's largest indoor theme park. Rides and attractions based around the theme of Ferrari combine classic Ferrari designs and technology, and bring the Ferrari story to life.

With door drives from GEZE: Accessibility over 86,000 m²

Inspired by the classic side profile of the Ferrari GT, the unique building design by Benoy Architects reflects the curved shape of the sports car. Appropriately, the complex has been designed with sustained wave-like sides which integrate seamlessly into the surrounding infrastructure, spanned by a giant, Ferrari-red flat roof. With over 200,000 m² of roof area and a diameter of over 700 m, the roof construction of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi also places emphasis on the exterior aesthetics - especially the Ferrari logo display on the roof, currently the brand's largest logo at 65 m. In the impressive complex, with a surface area of 86,000 m² - equivalent to the size of around seven football pitches lined up next to each other - GEZE has implemented door convenience, safety and accessibility at the highest level - in perfect harmony with the sophisticated design of the Ferrari theme park.

Convenience and functionality in an attractive design

Accessibility is a key part of the concept of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. A slimline automatic swing door with the GEZE Slimdrive EMD-F drive in the entrance area ensures that children and visitors with reduced mobility can easily enter the indoor park. The sleek Slimdrive EMD side-hung leaf drives were specially developed to allow swing doors to be moved with minimal effort. Thanks to their construction height of only 70 mm and guide rail technology, the side-hung leaf drives are especially suitable for slim door profiles and restricted spaces. Their discreet design fits seamlessly into the extraordinary façade design of Ferrari World.

Smart door drives make fun accessible

The automatic door in the entrance opens via a movement detector, or can be activated via a push button. The ’Push & Go’ function, which can be switched on or off, also allows the door drive to be activated by briefly pressing the door leaf. The automatic door can also be opened manually - thanks to an integrated ‘servo mode’, the door can be opened in both directions with very little effort. GEZE Slimdrive EMD door drives have been tested in accordance with DIN 18650. The EMD-F drive version used in Ferrari World is also permitted for smoke and fire protection doors. In addition to the entrance door, GEZE installed a further 41 Slimdrive EMD-F drives in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The smart side-hung leaf drives at the entrances to the rides ensure barrier-free fun.

GEZE products in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

  • GEZE Slimdrive EMD and EMD-F swing door drives