sports arena Zadar

Handball World Cup in Croatia: GEZE is part of it !

GEZE equipped six newly constructed sport arenas with the most modern building technology. 

From 16th January to 1st February 2009 the Men’s Handball World Cup will be taking place in Croatia.  Exciting, fast-moving games of the highest technical level are guaranteed, when the 24 best teams from around the world play against each other. A maximum need for functionality, safety and design was required, when the construction for the new six highly modern sport arenas was considered. GEZE fitted the entrance and  the fire protection doors with doors closers and with heat and smoke extraction systems, convincing renowned architects and construction companies in Croatia.

Preventive fire protection is essential

Thousands of people come together in the sport arenas. It doesn’t bear thinking about the chaos and panic amongst the people as they search for escape routes should a fire break out.  When buildings are in flames, sign posts become unrecognisable in just a matter of seconds.  Furthermore, in the event of fire there is not just the threat of fire and heat, but  also the development of smoke and toxic fumes. Almost 90% of all fire victims are victims of smoke and a high percentage of material fire damage is also caused from smoke. Therefore, the dispersion of fire smoke, in particular in emergency exits and escape routes needs to be prevented.  The GEZE smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA), in which the smoke is already dissipated when it starts to develop via an intelligent supply air solution, takes over this task in the sport arenas in Zagreb, Poreč, Zadar, Varaždin, Osijek and Split.  They demonstrate an essential element of preventive fire protection.

Functionality of natural smoke extraction

This natural acting smoke extraction uses the thermal drive with supply air openings in the lower wall area, e.g. via doors and windows, and exhaust air openings in the upper wall and ceiling area in order to move the smoke to a stable smoke level boundary away from where the people are located.

Under this boundary is the smoke level thinner than the increasingly rising black toxic layer of smoke which becomes progressively thicker with time. With the aid of natural acting RWAs this smoke layer is directly extracted thanks to the thermal rising principle which already takes place in the formation phase.

GEZE RWA openings in line with the architecture

The halls and facade air extraction in the various window forms have been fitted with an elegant and technical well-engineered RWA electrically operated spindle drives and electrically operated chain drives  E 250 and E 600-E 660, according to the weight of the window and the stroke lengths. They ensure the safe and fast smoke and heat extraction, including smoke dissipation and offer the advantages of daily ventilation. The RWA-emergency power supply units E 260 N32 guarantee a 72 hour operation in the case of power failure. As the control unit of the drive, they act as the ”brain“ of the RWA, receiving the  messages e.g. from smoke detectors, external fire detector units or rain and wind control unit, therefore controlling the corresponding smoke extraction function.

GEZE Door Technology – Safety and comfort for sportsmen and und spectators

With the door closer product range and its uniform design the entrance and fire-protection doors have been realised a multitude of optibal and technical possibilities. For example with the overhead door closer TS 5000 E-ISM for double action fire and smoke protection doors with integrated closing sequence control. It ensures the consistent and absolute airtight closing of the door leaves in the event of fire and avoids overlaps with the already existing fire lobbies.  Passageway comfort and safety via a variable hold-open bracket between 80° and 130° with traversable hold-out point guarantees the mutual variable electro-hydraulic hold-open function, which closes the doors in the event of a fire.

Once again GEZE has proven its competence as a complete supplier of complex building technology from the first idea, the implementation and regular servicing with the fitting of the sport arenas in Croatia.