GEZE - SLT-FR telescopic sliding doors, Königsbau-Passagen
GEZE - Slimdrive SLT-FR, Königsbau-Passagen
Slimdrive SLT-FR
GEZE - door closers TS 5000 RFS, Königsbau-Passagen, Stuttgart
TS 5000 RFS
GEZE - Slimdrive SL, Königsbau-Passagen, Stuttgart
Slimdrive SL

A kingdom in new splendour

Architecture office: Hascher Jehle and associates, Berlin

The Königsbau Passagen, situated on the Schlossplatz in the heart of Stuttgart, have been a landmark and shopping attraction in the historic city centre since 2006. The listed building houses shopping as well as office areas. The building boasts 27,000 m² of retail space spread over five levels and a further 18,000 m² office space on the upper levels.

The sophisticated design, planned by Hascher Jehle architects, Berlin, combines the listed building with the newly built courtyard.

The calm natural stone facade blends in well with the rolling glass roof of the courtyard. Two passages link the atrium, the centre of the Königsbau, with Königsstraße. A rolling glass roof covers the entire courtyard area.

The Königsbau Passagen are part of the buildings surrounding the newly designed Kleiner Schlossplatz, which includes Stuttgart’s new art museum and the Scala office and commercial building – both of which are GEZE reference objects.

GEZE contributed mainly automatic door systems to this extensive redesign. Various Slimdrive SLT-FR telescopic sliding doors for escape routes and emergency exits are used in the facade and the courtyard of the shopping complex. Some of them are equipped with the IGG integrated all-glass system. There are hundreds of door closers in the shopping and office area. The office doors feature the TS 5000 RFS freeswing door closer, which ensures that doors open without resistance.