GEZE - floor spring TS 550, Fünf Höfe, Munich
floor spring TS 550
GEZE - Slimdrive SL, Fünf Höfe, Munich
Slimdrive SL
GEZE - TSA 160, Fünf Höfe, Munich
TSA 160

Variable and elegant design

Architecture office: Herzog & de Meuron, Munich

In spite of the impressive total size of the realty that is 13,5 hectares, only a small piece of the Theatinenstrasse is noticeably new. The ensemble of the Fünf Höfe impresses by its creative multifariousness, material presence and its high quality of detail. The elegant design of the shops is reflected in the glass storefronts in the passages. It is only at second glance that one can see that the continuous glass façade of the glass storefronts incorporates an innovative door construction. GEZE Glas Design developed a special solution for the swing doors with the Floor spring TS 550 so that the whole door system was integrated into the glazing. In order to comply with fixed glazing requirements the pivots for these doors were offset slightly.


The architects
What the Basel architects Herzog & de Meuron achieved is something very special, and not just in Munich. Whoever thought that the architects could only make a bland compromise, after they had to reject their primary plan for a radical build on the area, would be mistaken: Herzog & de Meuron managed with the restoration of the Fünf Höfe for the Hypo Vereinsbank an independent and also precise exclamation mark, a hit against the exchangeability and stuffiness of urban shop passages. Since 1978 the architects Jaques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron have worked together in an office in Basle. Both studied at the ETH Zurich and were influenced by Aldo Rossi. Soon after their final degree in 1975 they called attention to themselves with interesting competition entries, which, although not chosen, challenged a discussion. Buildings in Germany, Austria and Italy as well as exhibitions in Spain and the Netherlands obtained international acceptance. However the work of Herzog & de Meuron focuses on Basle and surroundings.