GEZE TS 5000 and GEZE E250 RWA electric spindle drives in Grand MOMA, Beijing.

GEZE products installed in “Grand MOMA”,Beijing

The “Grand MOMA” in Beijing, which has been designed by the American architect Steve Holl, can already claim to be one of the ten most important structures in China. GEZE has played a key role in ensuring the safety and comfort of the “Grand MOMA” complex by supplying it with 1600 overhead door closers (type: GEZE TS 5000) and with 44 GEZE E 250 RWA electric spindle drives.

The TS 5000 is one of the best known door closers available on the global market. This product is approved for use on smoke and fire doors and is designed to close single-action doors gently, yet securely. By contrast, the E 250 RWA electric spindle drive is an electromotive solution for opening and closing bottom-hung, top-hung or side-hung casements as well as skylights and domelights. The E 250 RWA offers a great deal of flexibility. Not only can it be used for extracting smoke and heat in a way that feels really natural, but also for diverting the course of the smoke and ventilating the building.

The “Grand MOMA” complex, which is due to be completed at the end of 2008, will eventually have a total floor space of approximately 220,000 square metres; 135,000 square metres of this will be used for residential purposes and the remaining 85,000 set aside for offices. It will consist of eight towers, which are to be connected by a ring of service bridges on the 20th floor. The entire complex is meant to be a kind of "city within a city" and is expected to provide residential and office space for 2500 residents and workers. Approximately 150 million Euros is being invested in the complex which, in addition to a theatre and government offices, will also house a nursery and numerous restaurants and supermarkets. There are many things that make the "Grand MOMA" special, not least its ecological design. The complex is to be cooled/heated by means of reservoirs that are 100 metres deep. Depending on the weather conditions, it will be possible to keep these reservoirs at a temperature of between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius. Overall, the “Grand MOMA” will be able to produce three to four times as much per energy unit than if conventional air conditioning systems had been used. In order to save energy, it will also be equipped with solar shading systems from VBH. The exterior shading is designed to prevent most of the heat from entering the building in the first place. Tower facades are often exposed to high prevailing winds and so the installation of sturdy and robust solar shading was absolutely crucial from the customer’s perspective. With its eco-friendly design, the “Grand MOMA” project is unique within China. According to official statistics, only one per cent of all building projects in China may be classed as environmentally compatible, i.e. as examples of “green architecture”.