GEZE - door closers TS 4000, e-mail Fabrik, Amberg
TS 4000
GEZE - GEZE IGG integrated all-glass system, e-mail Fabrik, Amberg
Slimdrive SL

Innovative building concepts

Architecture office: Harth & Flierl, Amberg

The e-mail Factory is situated in the town centre of Amberg. The low-energy building covers an area of 5,000 m2 consisting of offices, shops and food and drink outlets. The innovative planning approach was made possible by the proprietors Annette und Georg Baumann by their forward-looking attitudes. An energy concept for the building was drawn up, in which all aspects of energy technology (passive heat irradiance, internal heat conversion) were harmonised. The focal feature is a 530 m2 glass atrium located in the centre with an overall height of 15 metres. It serves as a heat buffer. In summer the surrounding offices are supplied from here with cool air.  

By use of a concrete block storage cooler using spring water, conventional air conditioning can be dispensed with. The form of the building is separated in its entire height by the extending atrium. This accentuates the entrance forecourt and increases the transparency of the building. The internal connecting ways, the free-standing staircase and the glass lift are seen from outside day and night with their varying light effects. The outer façade changes its appearance by means of the aluminium panels, automatically regulated according to the position of the sun.  

Various sliding door versions complement the unusual architecture perfectly. A Slimdrive SL hinged door with GEZE IGG (integrated all-glass system) glazing creates transparency in the café area. An unusually designed corner sliding door with Slimdrive SLV drive is installed in the entrance.