Das neue Akropolis Museum in Athen

The new Acropolis Museum in Athens: There is no better place to appreciate the beauty of great art

GEZE contributes

Everyone immediately recognises it as the symbol of the Greek capital and the "Seat of the Gods" – the Acropolis, high on the hills of Athens, with the reconstructed Parthenon temple. The "virgin chamber" of the city goddess Pallas Athena Parthenos and a symbol for democracy.

As you stand in the Parthenon Gallery on the upper floor of the new Acropolis Museum and enjoy the panoramic view of the Acropolis and Parthenon temple, one thing becomes immediately clear. The imposing new-build structure will soon stand as one of Athens' greatest attractions, and not just because of the incomparable archaeological treasures that it contains, but also because of its architectural features. It took over thirty years to turn the vision of a museum representing the "daughter of the Parthenon temple" into reality. Designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, the new Acropolis Museum was opened last year after almost eleven years of building work.

Together with the glass facade, the structure of the Parthenon Gallery fulfils the most important architectural demand that the client placed on the new museum: the optical connection between the exhibits and the Parthenon temple on the Acropolis, which lies some 300 metres away.

Functionality, safety and design with GEZE door and safety technology

The innovative functionality, the high-performance and the outstanding design of GEZE door and safety technology underline the architecture of the new Acropolis Museum, whilst ensuring the necessary ease of access and safety for people entering the building. Integrated Boxer door closers from GEZE are ideal for this discerning piece of architecture – or rather work of art – and different varieties of these were used on 135 doors in the building. "Boxers" are installed fully inside the door leaf. The guide rail, which is only visible when the door is open, means that the door design is not compromised. The function of integrated door closers is, therefore, practically invisible and elegantly "packaged".

Sixty double-leaf fire and smoke control doors were fitted with GEZE TS 4000 E-IS door closers with integrated hydraulic closing sequence control and electro-magnetic hold-open devices. In the case of fire or a power cut, the hold open mechanism is automatically released and the door closes independently and securely. The integrated closing sequence guarantees that both doors close correctly  and that the door can then fulfil its role as a fire door.

GEZE panic bars, which were fitted onto fifty emergency exit doors, provide aesthetically pleasing safety. With their subtle and elegant design, they are harmoniously integrated into the overall architecture of the museum building. In the case of an emergency, the door leaf is immediately opened by pushing the panic bar.