GEZE - Hinged door drives TSA 160 Invers, Hesperia Tower Hotel, Barcelona
Automatic sliding door system Slimdrive SL
GEZE - electrical spindle drives, Hesperia Tower Hotel, Barcelona
Spindle drive
GEZE - telescope sliding door drive SLT , Hesperia Tower Hotel, Barcelona
TSA 160 Invers

GEZE Products in Spain’s metropolis

Architecture office: Richard Rogers Partnership, UK and Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados, Spain

The new Hesperia Tower Hotel is 107 metres high and one of the tallest buildings in Barcelona. The design was created by the cooperation of two renowned architect’s offices: Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados of Spain und Richard Rogers of the UK. The result is a functional yet aesthetic building which fits perfectly into the urbane surroundings.  

A spectacular glass dome with a diameter of 24 metres crowns the tower. The dome offers visitors a breathtaking view in all directions of up to 18 km. The top-class restaurant “Evo”, under the direction of star chef Santi Santamaría is located under the dome.  

GEZE equipped the ambitious project throughout with innovative products. The sliding door drive Slimdrive SL and the telescope sliding door drive Slimdrive SLT serve the functionality at the entrance without disturbing the aesthetics of the building. Hinged door drives TSA 160 NT assure safety at the escape and rescue routes and guarantee assured opening of the doors in case interruption of power supply. The TS 2000 V closes the hotel room doors on various floors reliably. In the spectacular centre of the glass dome, GEZE electrical spindle drives ensure fresh air and impress by their perfect adjustment to the modern surroundings.