GEZE - TSA 160, Porsche Arena, Stuttgart
TSA 160
GEZE - door closer TS 5000, Porsche Arena, Stuttgart
TS 5000
GEZE - door closer TS 5000 IS, Porsche Arena, Stuttgart
TS 5000 IS
GEZE - TZ 220, Porsche Arena, Stuttgart
TZ 220

GEZE products in the new indoor stadium

Architecture office: ASP Arat, Siegel and Partners, Stuttgart

The Porsche Arena at NeckarPark in Stuttgart represents one more attraction. The architecture of the Porsche Arena, with its steeply sloped seating area creates a unique atmosphere. The audience sits right next to the performance - in the upper seating area 20 exclusive boxes are available. The new hall has a total capacity of about 7,000. The Porsche Arena can be used for several purposes: It is suitable for sports events and concerts, but also for company use and big events. The Porsche Arena has been built right next to the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Hall. The halls are connected via a modern foyer with generously dimensioned cloakrooms and common rooms. A unique venue for events has been created with very flexible utilization possibilities.  

GEZE safety technology products such as door operating control centres and panic bars in connection with the easily operated TSA 160 hinged door drives add to uncomplicated and reliable application even in emergencies where there is a great influx of visitors.