GEZE - 105 E RWA system, LTU arena, Düsseldorf
LTU arena
GEZE - TSA 160 automatic swing door, LTU arena, Düsseldorf
RWA 105 E
GEZE - TSA 160, LTU arena, Düsseldorf
TSA 160 Behinderten-WC
GEZE - RWA 105 E, arena, Düsseldorf
RWA 105 E

Colourful just like the world

Architecture office: Hascher Jehle and Associates, Berlin

The LTU arena is a multifunction arena, which was built at the site of the former Rhine stadium in the North of Düsseldorf. Its main function is as home ground to Fortuna Düsseldorf and the Rhine Fire football team. LTU arena received the trademark „Sprinkler Protected“ - the award for exemplary fire protection.

The stadium has an interesting seating concept. The seats are painted in different colours in a seemingly random pattern. The colour arrangement is in fact based on the architects’ exact plan, which ensures that the stadium appears well-frequented even if it is relatively sparsely attended. The colourful seats also mirror the motto and the logo of the Olympia campaign and the colours yellow, red, blue and black together with the green turf symbolise the colours of the Olympic rings.

GEZE products contribute to the arena’s safety concept and comfort. The RWA 105E system prevents the spreading of smoke in an emergency thanks to an intelligent ventilation system. A special adaptation of the TSA 160 automatic swing door drive is fitted in the disabled toilets, allowing doors to be opened effortlessly through the push of a button at seat height. Various TS 5000 door closers such as TS 5000 L and TS 3000 V ensure that doors are closed safely and reliably.