GEZE - door systems, Carl Benz Center, Stuttgartrt
Carl Benz Center
GEZE - SCR-FR circular sliding door, Carl Benz Center, Stuttgart
Slimdrive SCR
GEZE - door closer TS 5000 R, Carl Benz Center, Stuttgart
TS 5000 R

Eye-catching hotel entrance

Architecture office: KBK architects, Stuttgart

The Carl Benz Centre in the NeckarPark area of Stuttgart, situated between the Porsche Arena and the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium, consists of the Carl Benz arena, the four-star-hotel “Hilton Garden Inn“ and serves as fan and service centre for VfB Stuttgart football club. The Carl Benz arena can hold up to 2,000 people and offers 1,500 m2 for use with leisure, sports, cultural or business events.

The building’s rounded front gives it a delicate and narrow appearance. The facade, which is already a landmark, features a scale-like pattern of alternating red soffits and silver metal panels. The architects wanted to create an interesting and playful mix of colours: depending on the position of the onlooker, the building shimmers in silver or red.

GEZE contributed not only the automatic door systems, but also the door technology in various parts of the building. A smoke proof sliding door system featuring a Slimdrive SL-RD drive provides emergency protection in the kitchen. A range of different door closing systems such as TS 5000 R with integrated smoke switch and TS 5000 L-ISM variations (standard mounting on the door leaf of the opposite hinge side) can be found in the facade amongst other places. The Slimdrive SCR-FR circular sliding door is useful for escape routes and emergency exits whilst giving the luxury hotel a strikingly modern and visually pleasing appearance.