GEZE SoftStop

Filigree technology that can be put under high pressure

Sliding fitting systems

Sliding door fittings are made up of a runner and the roller carriage that it carries, these move the connected sliding door leaf and any other elements. Whether it be a roller or a bearing based sliding door fitting, GEZE offers a comprehensive range of fittings for glass, wood and metal sliding doors that are also suitable for use with highly demanding applications in commerce and industry.

Demanding technologies, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship move the roller carriages precisely, gently and quietly over the runners and make the fittings system extremely durable with a long-life.

The roller sliding door fittings of the Rollan and Perlan range are particularly suited to indoor applications. Their particular benefits include extreme runner quietness and filigree design. A wide range of accessories ensures solutions to meet just about any application. Glass solutions can be implemented, among other things, using the design fittings.

The tried and tested roller sliding fittings system Apoll is designed for industrial use and is capable of moving particularly heavy doors and gates.