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We will modernise for you

Generally speaking, the expected lifetime and service life of building technology is shorter than that of the building itself. Technical systems need to be replaced from time to time. However, you should not forget that the requirements made of building technology, in particular those made of building safety, change as a result of changes to the law or new standards, for example, DIN 18650. The service experts at GEZE have many years of experience and know all of the requirements for building systems. They are constantly trained with regard to the changing regulations and directives. We offer you new future-proof product solutions, starting with the automation of your doors, through to the equipment or modernisation of your building with emergency exit solutions. Naturally we offer you the chance to update or change drives from other manufacturers.

GEZE Middle East puts a great attention to training and education. It is only through education and knowledge that the products real strengths can be mastered by the sales force in the field. Please navigate through this page to see some of our traning programs condusted in the Middle East Region.