GEZE - Stadtmuseum Leonberg
Glaspavillion im Eingangs-Bereich
Stadtmuseum Leonberg

Town Museum Leonberg

With the opening of the new town museum, the permanent exhibition of Leonberg's 750 year history is finally moving to its own home.

Leonberg is therefore gaining another culture centre for interesting exhibitions and special events directly next to the town church. 

The glass pavilion in the entrance area of the town museum is housed completely within the integrated all-glass system from GEZE Glas Design. Included in the glass fronts are 2 x single-door IGG offset-hung doors and 1 x manual IGG sliding door. 

The smooth, transparent surfaces of the pavilion conveys a lightness which gives the roof an appearance of floating. The character of the historical building with its characteristic framework appearance is largely untouched.