GEZE - GEZE spendet Lichtblicke
Brigitte Vöster-Alber und Joachim Geiger
Blindengemeinschaft Esslingen
GEZE - GEZE unterstützt die Arbeit der Blindengesellschaft in Esslingen
Bürstenmacher bei der Arbeit
Blindengemeinschaft Esslingen

GEZE donates gleams of hope

With a donation amounting of 50.000 Euro GEZE supports the work of the community for the blind in Esslingen. The chair man of the community Joachim Geiger received the cheque straight from the lady's companion Brigitte Vöster-Alber. Already, the partners underwrite since many years welfare services and would like to exert themselves from now on as long-term promoters for the institution and thus particularly for the blind ones.

In the blind community in Esslingen 47 visually impaired humans manufacture brooms and brushes for the industry and the private household. A further workshop with new blind ones is in Augsburg. A blind weaving mill in Luebeck offers a perspective to the blind ones.

The blind community in Esslingen, which is led with much heart and devotion, is extremely grateful for this allowance. The retrogressive incoming orders forced to proclaim the management of the blind community temporarily the short-time work. For the blind ones, which work on chord basis, this is not only a financial problem. Work means for blind light - training as the brushmaker and its own job give themself value feeling and strengthconcerned. The donation of GEZE helps thus for a further light view in the life of the blind one.

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