Familien Service

GEZE employees - one of our biggest strengths

Our employees play an important role in order for us to remain a prominent supplier of door -, window and safety engineering.

GEZE wants to continue to be innovative, flexible and reliable in the future. Thereby, offering world-wide high-quality products, which correspond to real market conditions.

In the future GEZE will also

  • remain a family business
  • regard return of investment as more important than turnover
  • finance own expansion
  • avoid becoming dependent on third parties*
    (* customers, suppliers, employees and banks)
  • be able to sustain its future market position

Our most important focus in everything that we do is

  • customer satisfaction
  • service orientation
  • product innovation
  • process quality
  • product quality
  • reliability

GEZE employees

  • are characterised by flexibility and reliability and are result and customer-oriented. In order to remain innovative - both with our products and with our processes – we need employees, who are engaged to the highest level for themselves and for the company and who also set the necessary requirements and develop these further.
  • always have their eyes open and recognise potential improvements, address these openly and optimise procedures.
  • work process orientated, look over departmental borders and co-operate constructively and effectively.
  • are completely committed to the customer value and have the courage to develop, advance and execute new ideas.
  • show personal commitment concerning their development and hereby support management.
  • act consciously and maintain open communication with superiors and colleagues.

GEZE senior management (additional to the GEZE employee principles)

  • have an understanding for the strategic adjustment of the company, derive concrete goals, and are able to communicate and act on these with the employees accordingly. Their proceedings and behaviour is always aligned to the customer’s need.
  • carry responsibility for the work areas and for the employees. They work cross-divisional and are technical and personal role models for employees.
  • work on the basis of clear goal agreement, conversion support and controlling. Via appropriate communication are employees constructive and output-oriented.
  • are characterised not only by technical Know How, but also by purposeful employee development and promotion.
  • promote their employees with challenging tasks, extended responsibilities, temporary departmental changes, job enrichment etc. and by the participation in selected seminars.
  • use the supporting services of the personnel department and use the GEZE instruments of control consequently.
  • communicate openly with employees and colleagues, practice criticism, point out errors constructively and provide development possibilities.

GEZE promotes a partnership atmosphere and commits itself to ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities.

We will only reach this quality through a co-ordinated and goal-oriented interaction of employees and senior management. This secures the business for us all and our existence on a long-term basis.