Basic application procedures

The application procedure at GEZE is transparent, fair and correct.

Community behaviour is the basic for a trust-worthy and professional cooperation within the company. This also characterises our personnel selection procedure.

GEZE expressly rejects direct and indirect discrimination and the company culture obliges the company to take measures to ensure that any form of discrimination and (sexual) harassment is eliminating in the application process and in the selection of personnel, but also within the entire company, in every day work as well as advertising and public relations. GEZE promotes a friendly climate and is obliged to ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities. We thus offer employment and development opportunities for all members of staff, regardless of sex, age, sexual identity, disability, nationality, origin, ethnic affiliation or religion.

Our aim is to win over competent and enthusiastic people. As a result, we generate a realistic impression of the tasks within the company with all their benefits, but also with any potential disadvantages or loads, so that you can make the decision that is best for you in the long-run. We don't only tell our candidates what we expect from them, we give them the change to evaluate their capabilities themselves and to clearly present their competences. You can thus be sure that you are taking on a task that meets your expectation and your qualifications.